What added value can we bring to your project?

Technological innovation within the façade construction industry has equipped Architects with the necessary tools to envisage limitless façade design concepts. Building skins of today’s modern buildings serve multiple functions and designed against an armada of requirements. Having a solid façade engineer driving the process of design, specification, engineering and supervision is key to delivering quality for the façade.

These high-end façades are not only technical complex, they are in fact quite expensive. Nowadays, building envelopes constitute around 30% of the building’s overall fixed construction cost, let alone the impact on the running cost. The demand for high performance building facades is getting stronger by the day, and so it is always wise to involve façade engineers at a quite early stage in the process of the building envelope design. This will ensure “Added-Value” and manage the associated risk.

Make Certain that the Architect’s Vision for the Façade is Attained

We understand the Architect’s design intent and dispense design solutions that are viable and practical to endure that the Architect’s vision of the façade is in fact attainable, and will not change, at the construction stage.

Achieve a Perfect Balance between Performance & Cost:

We understand the importance of the stakeholder’s investment, as well as the performance requirements of high-end facades, we strive to create value-engineered façade design solutions that are both within the Client’s budget while achieving the necessary technical performance.

Eliminate the Problem of “Cost Overrun” at the “Tender & Construction Stages”:

IBECE will ensure that there is no misalignment between the written performance specifications document, the design drawings, and the related budgeting scheme of the building’s façade. Therefore, minimizing the chances of having unanticipated and surely unwelcomed cost increases during the future stages of tendering and façade construction.

Ensure Quality by Detecting Problems at Design Stage:

Employing IBECE at the initial façade design stages is your best insurance to avoid costly future failures. IBECE’s team can easily allocate and offer solutions to existing design problems that could easily lead to failures in the expected function of a façade.

Ensure “Value for Money” by Actively Preventing On-Site Failures:

Various difficulties emerge throughout the facade construction process, hence, depriving it from its required performance. IBECE provides full support by inspecting the materials’ quality and supervising all the processes ran by the fabricator to deliver the flawless facade. We review, monitor, control, and enhance the services provided by the façade contractor to ensure our clients the best “value for their money”.

Resolve “Conflict of Interest During Design Development”:

Façade contractors usually offer the design development of the conceptual façade design. However, there is a clear “conflict of interest” in such a scenario, namely because the “contractor” ends up in being the “designer” as well. In most cases, the designs generated by subcontractors are highly influenced by sales, stock availability, etc. IBECE, being a specialist facade consultant, can develop your design, “assume design liability” and provide you with an independent third-party judgment.