Project Description

The headquarters of the Credit Libanais Bank is comprised of a high-end 33 storey tower connected to an annex building via a link block structure with two steel bridges. The project’s façades include remarkable architectural features with some
extremely challenging designs, most featured designs are:

  • Bespoke high-end unitized curtain wall
  • An architectural, tapered wing-resembling, aluminum composite canopy that shades the roofs of the annex building, the link block as well as the tower. It also continues along the back elevation of the tower to complete the architecture. The structure is LED lit alongside its edges for more architectural impact when viewed at night. Item reference number is FS08-1
  • Massive steel structures (weighing 170 tons) covered with aluminum composite panels that also provide sunshade for large areas of the buildings with spans exceeding 30 m. The steel structures also cover the back elevation to provide maintenance walkways as well as supports for HVAC equipment. Item reference number is FS08-2.
  • A 21 m high rising stand-alone glazed steel structure which then turns itself into a skylight, spanning 20 horizontal meters and penetrated by 800 mm in diameter steel circular sections that support a higher sunshade structure. This structure forms the link block area and weighs over 160 tons worth of steel and over 800 m² square of high-performing glass. Item reference number is FS05.
  • 2700 m² of large fascia-glass panels, point fixed onto steel, aluminum and glass mullion framing provide the annex building with entrance facades. Item reference number is FS04
  • A curved decorative column that spans 21 meters freely while being shadowed by a steel and glass skirt-like structure that spans over 40 m.
  • Steel beams supporting the skirt structure, as well as the curved column structure penetrate the curved skin of the point-supported facades at different angles and levels.

Provided Services

  • Structural Engineering
  • Design Development

Scope of Work

IBECE was involved in the Structural Engineering and Design Development of the following items:

  • Façade Series: FS08-1, FS08-2, FS05 & FS04.
  • The Curved Decorative Entrance Column

IBECE also provided Façade Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies for the glazed façades in the following areas:

  • External Skin - FS04 Glazed Façades
  • External Skin - FS02a Façades
  • Internal Skin - Skirt Façades
  • LocationAshrafiye, Lebanon
  • StatusScope Completed in 2014
  • ConsultantERGA Group
  • ContractorMAN Enterprise