Project Description

French Avenue Building project is located in Beirut Central District covering a total ground area of around 1,170 mm². It was built with five basements, a ground floor, and six floors above the ground level.

The external façades are conceptualized as being formed of a mixture of four (4) different cladding materials namely glass, zinc, stainless steel, and aluminum. Two existing buildings bound the building accordingly, the façades stretch out to cover only two elevations the South and the North Elevations.

Provided Services

  • Façade Structural Engineering
  • Review and Development of Design Tender Drawings
  • Review and Development of Performance Specifications
  • Costing Schemes & Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Glazing Selection
  • Tender Stage Support
  • Technical Control and Design Reviews on Submittals Made by Specialist Contactor

Scope of Work

IBECE scope of work will extend among two phases:
1. Design Development and Tender Phase
2. Construction & Site Inspection Phase

IBECE was involved in the Façade design of the following exterior building envelope items:

  • Main Feature Glazed Curtain walls: with solid &/or perforated/corrugated aluminum, stainless steel and zinc cladding panels
  • Shop Fronts Facades: Curtain wall system Integrated
  • LocationBeirut Central District, Lebanon
  • StatusScope Completed in 2018
  • OwnerMEDIA FAN
  • Project ManagementMEDIA FAN
  • ArchitectJo Geitani Architects