Project Description

Saifi Plaza commercial buildings I & II are located at the periphery of Beirut Central District.

Saifi Plaza I- Lot 1068 is established with two building blocks with four basements and six floors above the ground level of each. The two building blocks are connected to each other via a panoramic glazed bridge walkway at each floor level.

On the other hand, the Saifi Plaza II- Lot 1059 is formed of one building with four basements and seven floors above the ground level.

Provided Services

  • Façade Structural Engineering
  • Concept Design Drawings
  • Design Tender Drawings
  • Façade Maintenance & Cleaning Strategy (BMU)
  • Performance Specifications
  • Costing Schemes & Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Glazing Selection
  • Built-ability and Durability Analysis
  • Building Physics
  • Technical Control and Design Reviews on Submittals Made by Specialist Contactor
  • Site Supervision
  • Inspections and Design Workshops

Scope of Work

IBECE scope of work will extend among the following three phases:
1. Preliminary Phase
2. Construction Phase
3. Site Inspection Phase

IBECE was involved in the Façade design and engineering of all project items, namely:

  • Main Feature Curtain Wall Façade

The facade consists of a thermally broken steel framed unit clad with stone panels externally and internally, glazing infill span between the stone clad steel. The system is mounted slab to slab on a steel bracketing system that allows for structural movement.

Basic variations in this panel are:

  • Typical Panel / Operable
  • Segment Panel
  • Starter Typical and Segment Panels
  • Cantilever Typical and Segment Panels
  • Special Glazed Box Panel
  • Shop Front and Bridge Curtain Wall Façades

The facade consists of a structurally glazed aluminum curtain wall fixed to structural beams. Steel embeds/bolts and brackets provide the required support while at the same time accounting for all related building movements.

  • Atrium Curtain Wall Façades & Skylights

The facade consists of a drained-and-ventilated, powder coated and structurally glazedaluminum curtain wall. A suspended steel structure provides lateral stability for the facade system under wind loading while at the same time accounting for all related building movements. Stainless steel plates/ fins cantilever aesthetically to provide the required sun shading.

  • LocationSaifi, Lebanon
  • StatusIn Progress
  • OwnerAlmada S.A.L (of Lot 1068) & Saifi Sqaure S.A.L (of Lot 1059)
  • Project ManagementASAM - Ayman Sanyoura Architecture & Management
  • ArchitectNabil Gholam Architects